Listen, it’s not a TAX

A quick rant…

Its about the only success Labour had in the last parliament; managing to get the Spare Room Subsidy colloquially known as a ‘Bedroom Tax’. Its not a tax. Its a sanction/reduction on a government benefit. Those are very different things in principle. Its not taking away somebody’s money (tax), its giving them less free money in the first place. Should the government subsidise somebody to have the unnecessary luxury of an extra room. No.

Pointing to the outliers where people are unfairly affected as some kind of evidence to repeal it is also a logical non-starter. I sometimes get a fine for a traffic violation which is unnecessary and over the top; doesn’t mean I would want to repeal all traffic violations and see people parking horizontally across a road to the disdain of other beleaguered motorists . I could stretch that logic to say “criminalising murder doesn’t stop all murder” so we should legalise it if I really tried.

Have the law and attempt to mitigate the outliers with some compassion, or just admit you are pro giving out free money to anybody that wants it. Then, join the Greens in their ideological crusade for the end of globalisation and all things good about the world. Either way Labour is caught somewhere in the middle of nowhere, but you have to say that managed to brand this reform better than they did their leader in Ed Miliband!