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Jeff Tooze is a First Class History and Politics graduate from the University of East Anglia (UEA), currently working as a teacher of History and Politics. Although until relatively recently Jeff would have identified as a ‘Liberal’, his politics have come to be dominated by a strong Libertarian influence, originating mainly from Edmund Burke, Adam Smith and an appreciation for the less aggressive liberalism practised in the United States; or at least that which stops short of being Tea-Partyist and reminisent of Brietbart. If asked to sum his attitude towards libertarianism, it’s that “we shouldn’t legislate taste”, and therefore as much as is reasonable, the government should err on the side of caution when involving itself in the private affairs and life choices of its citizens, including disincentives and indeed incentives, that are made with the view to influencing behaviours. Jeff has eventual ambitions to become involved in politics, but sees only the role of a ‘true parliamentarian’ as a noble pursuit.